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Welcome to Jana Cooks!

My hope is that this blog will help people who want to eat healthy but don’t know where to start.  I will be posting shopping lists every Friday for the following week.  Then I will post the recipes that go along with it starting on Monday.  I will do five dinner recipes a week.  Usually, between leftovers, the occasional meal out, and the nights that I cook something I hadn’t planned on, that lasts me the whole week.

I will also include lunch and breakfast foods in the shopping lists.  Most of these meals are self-explanatory (you don’t really need a recipe to make bacon and eggs, do you?), but I will give recipes for those that are not.  Finally, snacks will be included in the shopping list.  You might find you have snacks left over at the end of the week, but that’s okay.

We’re not counting calories, carbs, or anything else around here.  We’re just making delicious food and getting healthy!  Let’s go!


January 10, 2008 at 3:57 pm 2 comments

What’s cooking?

Use the handy search bar to find a specific recipe, or choose a category to find everything I've got that fits what you're looking for! Bon appetit!